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Energy Engagement Programs is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

Program ESW 2023

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Energy Solutions Week
May 1-4, 2023 
By invitation

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May 1 I May 2 I May 3 I May 4

Monday, May 1


The following programs will hold Affiliate Member meetings on Monday, May 1: Bits & Watts, Hydrogen, Natural Gas Initiative, StorageX. Meetings will take place throughout the day. Member meetings are by-invitation. Contact us to inquire about Member meetings.


A one-hour discussion will help shape a new Carbon Management initiative at Stanford. Stanford's Precourt Institute for Energy and Woods Institute for the Environment are currently laying the groundwork for a new research initiative that will focus on carbon management science. The planning team will share their current vision. Attendees will provide critical feedback to the planning team, answering questions such as: What are the most pressing issues your organization is currently facing, or anticipate facing in the near and long-term? What are the most important research gaps that exist? This meeting will take place at the close of the day's Initiative Affiliate Member meetings.

Tuesday, May 2


Showcasing innovative research at Stanford, the Tuesday & Wednesday programs will dive into current challenges in transitioning to an energy system that is affordable, sustainable, and meets the global needs of growing demand. We will approach it from the perspective of energy systems, large and small, thinking about how these are interlinked and how research and technologies can offer some of the solutions to realizing a low/zero emissions energy system. We will discuss different sectors, for example transportation and industry, buildings, electricity, and the technologies needed to decarbonize and the challenges to scale up.

The day-long program on Tuesday focuses on Energy Technology Development and includes a research poster session, and evening reception. Tuesday program topics include: Energy Conversion Technologies I  Energy Systems, Emerging Technologies in Electrical Energy Storage I New Energy Carriers and Fuels I Carbon Management.

Wednesday, May 3


The dialogue over the course of the Tuesday and Wednesday programs will encompass many topics of interest at Stanford and will highlight research conducted at the Precourt Institute under its many energy initiatives, centers, and research programs. Research will be showcased throughout the two days with lightning talks from faculty members and panel sessions involving researchers and industry partners. Each day includes poster sessions which will be an excellent opportunity for all participants to engage with students and postdocs performing research across all energy areas at Stanford including electrification of grid, storage, hydrogen for decarbonization, sustainable manufacturing, carbon neutral carbon fuels, natural climate solutions and more. Attendees will also have plenty of opportunity to network with other members of the Stanford energy community.

The day-long program on Wednesday focuses on Energy Systems & Application and includes a research poster session, evening reception and dinner. Wednesday program topics include: Buildings and Facilities I  Sustainable Transportation I  Industry Decarbonization I Sustainable Manufacturing.

Thursday, May 4


As the world continues to invest in renewable power generation to decarbonize the electric grid, the need for long-duration energy storage has become increasingly vital. Today, the electric grid accounts for about 20% of total global energy consumption and currently comprises 71% fossil fuels and 29% renewables (McKinsey Global Energy Perspective 2022). The grid is projected to double in size by 2050 and be sourced by 85% renewable power sources (IEA, 2022). Given the intermittent nature of renewable generation, particularly on a seasonal basis, long-duration energy storage is essential to enable the transformation to sustainable generation.  

This long-duration energy storage workshop will provide a comprehensive exploration of the various technology solutions that could provide long-duration energy storage, including pump-hydro, thermal, chemical, batteries, compressed air, etc. We will delve into the opportunities and challenges of each solution, and the criteria elements that need to be considered when comparing these options. Additionally, we will discuss the suitability and synergies available for these options to meet all the grid's energy storage requirements in a variety of geographic settings. Join us in this engaging and informative workshop as we examine how long-duration energy storage can help facilitate the transition to a sustainable energy future.


The Net-Zero Alliance (NZA) at Stanford is established as a vehicle for large global companies to form research and educational relationships with Stanford University, with the goal of working toward a net-zero future. This day-long Inaugural Roundtable addresses some of the top energy-related challenges that organizations face in reaching their aggressive decarbonization goals, the areas in which public-private-academia partnerships can strategically cooperate, and potential pathways forward to global carbon reduction. In this by-Invitation meeting, senior sustainability leaders from industry will engage in deep dialogue around specific energy issues that provide real insights into the current energy landscape and identify collaborative pathways forward to global carbon transition. An academic white paper will be published based on the content of the convening. Contact Us to inquire about the Net-Zero Alliance Roundtable.

To inquire about participation, contact