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Energy Engagement Programs is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.


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Stanford Energy Research Showcase 
Finding Energy Solutions for Large-Scale Impact
May 1, 2024 

Overview I Agenda I Speakers I Poster Session

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Arrillaga Alumni Center
Fisher Conference Rooms
326 Galvez Street
Stanford, CA 94305

Opening Remarks - McCaw Hall
 Roland Horne, Director, Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford University
Arun Majumdar, Dean, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability
Panel Discussion: Stanford's Energy Research Strategies - McCaw Hall
 Moderator: Sally Benson, Professor, Energy Science & Engineering
Yi Cui, Faculty Director, Sustainability Accelerator
Arun Majumdar, Dean, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability
Deborah Sivas, Professor of Environmental Law
9:40am-11:00amTechnical Area Breakouts - Session I  - Fisher Conference Center
 A: Industrial DecarbonizationB: Building Energy & Carbon Management
 Moderator: Richard Sassoon, Managing Director, Strategic Energy AllianceModerator: Michael Lepech, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
 Jennifer Dionne, Senior Associate Vice Provost of Research Platforms/Shared Facilities. Beyond Carbon Capture: Recycling CO2 to Decarbonize Steelmaking with Hydrogen and Photocatalysis.Jacques de Chalendar, Adjunct Professor, Energy Science and Engineering. Hybrid data and physics models for multi-zone buildings.
 Jonathan Fan, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering. Electrification of high-temperature thermochemical reactors with high-frequency inductive heating.Catherine Gorle, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Shifting the gold-standard in building cooling: from mechanical to natural.
 Tiziana Vanorio, Professor, Rock Physics and Geomaterials Laboratory, Earth and Planetary Science. A Low Carbon Emissions Geomimetic Cement. 
Technical Area Breakouts - Session II - Fisher Conference Center
 A: Electric Grid and DevicesB: Materials in a Circular Economy
 Moderator: Liang Min, Managing Director, Bits & Watts Initiative, Stanford UniversityModerator: Joseph DeSimone, Professor of Translational Medicine and Chemical Engineering
 Inês Azevedo, Associate Professor, Department of Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University. Climate AI Hub.Dan Congreve,  Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering. A Circular 3D-Printing Economy Enabled by Photon Upconversion.
 Juan Rivas-Davila, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering.  Power electronics and finding new applications for power converters.Simona Onori, Associate Professor of Energy Science Engineering. Data-Driven Lifetime Prediction of Second-Life Lithium-ion Batteries for Grid Energy Storage.
 Megan Mauter, Associate Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering. Engaging water supply system storage as a distributed flexible energy resource.Will Tarpeh, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering. Developing Polymeric Membrane Materials for Precision Lithium Separations to Circularize Battery Manufacturing/and Plastics.
 Ram Rajagopal, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and of Electrical Engineering. Stochastic control for infrastructure networks. 
 Michael Wara, Senior Research Scholar. Removing Legal Barriers to Transmission in California and beyond for a Clean Electricity Grid. 
12:45pmLunch and Stanford Energy Programs Open House Meet and Greet with Stanford Energy Initiatives over lunch on the Ford Fountain Patio.
 Bits & Watts Initiative, Explore EnergyHydrogen Initiative, Natural Gas Initiative
 Net Zero Executive Education, Strategic Energy AllianceStorageX Initiative, Sustainability Accelerator 
 TomKat Center for Sustainable EnergyUnderstand Energy
Technical Area Breakouts - Session III - Fisher Conference Center
 A: New Devices and Their Pathway to TWhr Scale DeploymentB: Hydrogen & Fuels
 Moderator: Will Chueh,  Associate Professor, Faculty Director, Stanford StorageX InitiativeModerator: Thomas Jaramillo, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
 Karan Bhuwalka, Staff Scientist, STEER. Techno-economic learning for batteries.Matteo Cargnello, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering. Blue hydrogen via methane pyrolysis for carbon nanotubes production and use.
 Wendy Gu, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering. Strain engineering of fast charging solid state batteries.Matthew Kanan, Professor of Chemistry and Director, TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy. Catalyst technology for scalable and high-efficiency power-to-liquid fuel systems.
 Hemamala Karunadasa, Associate Professor of Chemistry. Chemical approaches to addressing the instability of halide perovskite solar absorbers. Anthony Kovscek, Professor, Energy Resources Engineering. Long-duration, large-scale hydrogen storage in natural porous formations.
  Johanna Nelson Weker, Lead Scientist, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Water electrolyzers for green hydrogen production from impure water sources.
3:40pm-4:30pmStanford Energy Postdoctoral Fellows Session - Fisher Conference Center
 A: Battery Research B: Sustainable Energy 
 Moderator: Jennifer Milne, Associate Director for Advanced Research ProjectsModerator: Audrey Yau, Director, Stanford Energy Fellowships
 Sang Cheol Kim, Stanford Energy Fellow 2023. Lithium metal batteries.Luca Vialetto, Stanford Energy Fellow 2023. Sustainable nitrogen fixation.
 Jack Holoubek, Stanford Energy Fellow 2023. Electrocatalysis.Eli Lazarus, Stanford Energy Fellow 2023. Economics and energy modeling.
 Kyle Frohna, Stanford Energy Fellow 2023. Batteries and large-scale storage.Liat Adler, Stanford Energy Fellow 2024. Algal biofuels.
 Yukio Cho, Stanford Energy Fellow 2024. Batteries. 
Student Research Poster Session - Ford Fountain Patio
The program concludes with a reception and student poster session. Enjoy relaxing with colleagues, and meeting with 40 graduate student presenters who have been selected to showcase their work in energy research. 

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