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Energy Engagement Programs is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

Program GEF 2018

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Inaugural Stanford Global Energy Forum 

November 1-2, 2018

The Future of Energy 

Lightning talks showcase the latest trends across energy sectors that are poised to impact the future of energy.

  • Autonomous Mobility
  • Electricity Grid of the Future
  • Frontiers of Unconventional Oil & Gas
  • Future of Artificial Intelligence & Digital Automation
  • How Far Can Batteries Go for Mobility?
  • Knowns and Unknowns in Climate Science
  • Microgrids in Developing Economies
  • TWh-Scale Storage for the Grid

Stimulating conversations with recognized global leaders in government, academia and industry explore the intersection of multiple technologies and trends, while examining how global energy systems will evolve in the future.

  • Changing Landscape of Electricity
  • Digitization of Energy
  • Energy Geopolitics & Security
  • Energy Infrastructure
  • Energy Investment
  • Global Oil & Gas
  • North American Energy Dialogue
  • Unconventional Oil & Gas


Emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs showcase their cutting-edge technologies that are poised to transform energy. Attendees and innovators interact in a highly connective social environment. Make an appointment to meet, or browse the showcase hall during breaks and networking periods.

A series of keynote presentations and dialogues by prominent policy-makers explore the critical issues central to the future of energy from national and regional perspectives.  Conversations led by four former U.S. Cabinet Members cover such topics as;

  • Geopolitics & Security
  • Energy Policy
  • Global Transformations
  • The Future of Energy Technology