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Energy Engagement Programs is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

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Jimmy Rojas

Founder & CEO, EvolOH, Inc.

Jimmy Rojas has climate-tech venture capital and technology development experience, having previously worked for Baruch Future Ventures and having co-invented the core IP for a successful start-up. He holds a Ph.D. in hydrogen production and energy systems from Stanford University (under Dr. Arun Majumdar), as well as two M.S. degrees from Stanford and two B.S. degrees from MIT. EvolOH is dedicated to enabling a path toward low-cost green hydrogen production using innovative electrolyzer hardware. Use of green hydrogen can eliminate several gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, while also reducing the particulate matter that disproportionately impacts disadvantaged communities living near industrial complexes and ports. However, for green hydrogen to be widely adopted, the cost of green hydrogen production needs to be significantly reduced. EvolOH’s innovative hardware is optimized to facilitate manufacturing, increase lifetime, and improve efficiency — all of which improve upon current technology and will help drive down cost. Jimmy is driven by the notion that once cost-competitive, green hydrogen can truly impact society on a global scale. Jimmy grew up in Costa Rica, where he picked coffee for a living starting from a young age and became one of the first in his family to finish high school.