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Energy Engagement Programs is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

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Shah Yang Razalli

Head, Clean Energy Solutions, Petronas

Shah is currently leading the Clean Energy Solutions of PETRONAS, which oversees the creation of Gentari, the spin-off entity of PETRONAS offering clean energy through its Renewables, Hydrogen and Green Mobility verticals. He earned his degree in Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom in July 1998. Shah completed his INSEAD Management Development Program in July 2010. Shah joined PETRONAS 24 years ago in August 1998 as a Process and Operations Engineer at PETRONAS Ammonia. Since then, he has held various corporate portfolios in the Petrochemical Business Unit in business strategy, planning, and development. During his subsequent tenures in PETRONAS Australia Pty Ltd in Brisbane, Australia and after that in Pacific Northwest LNG in Vancouver, Canada, he gained extensive international experience when leading Commercial, Joint Venture Management and Project Integration functions within both the Australia and Canada LNG development projects. Prior to his current role he led the Corporate Strategic Planning unit within PETRONAS from which the concept of various new energy growth verticals being carved-out and streamed into an independent entity came from. Shah is purpose-driven and passionate in being part of the movement to grow the company in the current energy transition landscape. He thrives in leading new, uncomfortable areas especially where the paths ahead are uncharted. His strength is in creating high performing teams that are diverse and made up of similarly passionate and purpose-driven individuals. He has an empowering leadership style anchoring on customer-centricity, agile practices, and innovation approaches as foundations.